Catseye Development LLP

We help businesses work better,
deliver business-enhancing workshops and training programmes,
and help implement Change in organisations.


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About us

The Beginning

A lot of people had seen us working together and admired our distinctive approach. They wanted more and we wanted more so in the summer of 2011 we went to a remote cottage in the mountains to figure it out. With no phones and no electricity we had the perfect crucible for creating the business which is Catseye.

To find out more about the creation of Catseye then go to our Facebook page. We could help you do it too!

Our Vision

We want to offer the Catseye experience to as many people as we can whilst retaining our brand integrity. We have ambitious targets for growth which we aim to achieve through a combination of strategic partnerships, a directly employed workforce, and our own positivity and drive.

Catseye’s Values

Simple – just the two:

  • Easy
  • Better

For everyone!


We are global nomads and create the Catseye experience wherever our clients are. Based predominantly in the UK our virtual office will always be our main office. We have worked in many countries and have worked with even more nationalities. We seek to grow this even more.