We aspire to be a role-model business and are happy to share the lessons we have learnt so far and to receive wisdom from others!

Some chapters in the Catseye story really stand out and represent key milestones for us, personally as well as professionally. From conceiving a business up a mountain, planning a future on a boat and growing a team on an island - a flick through the photos will give you a flavour.

Starting with why
We know that the ‘why’ is the most important part of every business – it shapes everything from strategic decision-making through to day-to-day approaches to work. We also know how important it is to connect with the people you are working with, which is why we’re sharing a bit about our history and our people with you right here. To find out more about how our people contribute to your success and ours, just check out the bios below.

The Catseye Purpose (our ‘why’)
The Catseye purpose has evolved and been shaped by our collective experiences and aspirations over many years. Through hard work, collaboration and a just touch of navel-gazing, we distilled it to:

To help the world perform better through developing its people

Our purpose is underpinned by four key values that inspire and guide us in everything we do. In fact, our values are so rooted in our DNA that they even underpin every page on this website. Just scroll to the bottom of any page to see.

The Catseye Team

Martin Tothill


Dana James-Edwards

Super Facilitator

Katie Thorpe

Learning Design Legend

Jamie Rowland


Chris Helm


Martyn Barmby

Senior Consultant

Debbie Norman

Professional Role-player

Flea Rowland

Executive Researcher

Ross McIntosh

Business Psychologist

Gwyn Griffiths

Leadership Coach

Alec Nicholls

Workout Specialist

Paddy Bishopp

Entrepreneurial Warrior

Alan Cowan

Professional Role-player

Executive Coaches


Want to Join?

As a growing business we are keen to hear from you if you would like to be involved in what we do. We are open to suggestions and you can find out more about us on our Facebook page.