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By Volunteers

It's difficult to describe a typical Catseye volunteer since many are keen to protect their anonymity - they tend to be international men and women of mystery who want to help the world perform better through developing its people.

The guys at Catseye Development asked me if I could do a few blogs touching on two key leadership attributes: resilience and positivity.

Catseye Development LLP ( are a UK based business which help businesses develop their staff and leaders at all levels by helping them unleash their inherent leadership capabilities. I had the opportunity to attend one of their workshops with Jamie Rowland 6 months before I was diagnosed. I thoroughly enjoyed the hands on approach and the skills I developed from their methods.

Jamie and his team help develop leaders in people of all levels and thought I could share my experiences around dealing with cancer. There are many traits that make a leader; resilience and positivity are just some of these. I share my story to help others in similar situations, but it also acts as my therapy releasing the burden and thoughts on my shoulders.

My blog on resilience will be published next Friday, and the one on positivity the following Friday.


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