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Engagement & Retention

Businesses really shouldn’t have problems engaging and retaining their people. After all, it’s already what every employee wants.

What do Catseye do?

At Catseye, we ensure that we fully understand your business, your culture and the work that your people deliver on a daily basis in order that we can give you the best advice possible.

How do Catseye do it?

We believe that any programme aimed at engagement & retention of people should contain an element of the following:

Diagnostics and analysis

Many businesses can drown in information about why their employees leave but often forget to find out the reasons why they stay. At Catseye, we collate and understand both types of information and help to turn this into unique, actionable solutions for you.

Career Development

Research shows that the people who are most productive in their daily work are the ones who understand their strengths and values and have established personal career goals that link to them. Through workshops and consultations, we help you to become genuine partners in the careers of all your employees.


Your employees have a right to good management but although they often have the title, not all people managers are gifted with the natural skills and abilities to engage and motivate their staff. Through our development schools or our bespoke programmes, Catseye can help you to give your leaders and managers the skills that unlock the real power of their teams.


That’s right, it’s not all about reward. It is if you don’t pay enough but after that, you’ve really got to get smart about things. Recent data on staff engagement in UK businesses indicates that less than 50% of employees believe that they receive adequate recognition for doing a good job. At Catseye, we help you to embed a culture of recognition within your business so that everyone can feel valued, engaged and motivated.


All engagement and retention initiatives involve plenty of opportunities for your senior management to demonstrate their buy-in. We help to ensure that you make the most of these opportunities by working closely with senior stakeholders to create simple and effective communications plans.

Sounds great – what next?

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