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Leadership Development

One of the biggest anomalies about the development path of a leader is that the skills and achievements which help you shine and get promoted are not necessarily the skills and achievements that will help you perform at that next level. And so on.

Witness the lawyer / engineer who studies hard to gain the technical knowledge to gain professional qualification, and is then promoted to manager where they have to let go of some of the control and start delegating. As their leadership development progresses they discover that the black and white world of technical knowledge is often a poor guide to the multi-faceted world of leading others, both internal and external to their organisation. Witness just how different work is and how differently you need to behave once you start leading a service line, are promoted to the board, or captain an entire organisation.

These leadership transitions are often bumpy and unsupported leaders can find themselves personally vulnerable at a cost to team and organisational performance.

The Catseye Approach

We recognise all of the above and have great experience in helping to develop leaders. Leadership comes from within so we support leaders in recognising and capitalising on their in inner strengths to deliver faster results for themselves, their team, and their organisation. We don’t lecture or tell but just make it easy for leaders to work it out for themselves. In particular we encourage the early and ongoing development of emotional intelligence.

We do this for cohorts of managers as they achieve career milestones, for specially-streamed top talent pools, for whole exec teams and one-to-one for those facing their next career challenges.

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