Building a Life-long Client

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Everyone can build life long client relationships. With the right intention of helping and the willingness to remain close to others, your network will grow and the connections you nurture may last an eternity!

Why this model helps:
It will help you understand the small incremental steps that you can take to achieve deep and enduring business relationships.

How to apply it:
From the model - working from the bottom up - each step requires a small intervention to move your relationship on.

Explore practical ideas that raise your profile, get you noticed and more importantly remembered by others. Create sensible ways to stay in touch. Work out how you can be helpful to each other.

Once you have had the opportunity to work with somebody – keep talking, keep listening and above all keep helping. Never take a relationship for granted and be there for others – it might be the best thing you can do for the relationship.

Some Catseye wisdom:
Many organisations rely on senior executives to connect. This limits the business in 2 ways. Juniors staff never get the exposure and development to network and chat to others. Equally, the majority of client relationships can remain with senior executives, restricting who knows who, and stifling knowledge sharing.


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